The life and lifestyle in my county (Russia) was changing as I was growing. I never knew how it was before I was born, just heard some things about it. But I always wanted to experience a little bit from the every significant and critical epoch. I cannot tell you how the life in my country changed for the 20 years because the most part of this time I did not realize what was going on (about 10-15 years I guess). But the thing I can tell you about is my personal feelings and thoughts about this or that important for me (now or than) moments. It will be brief stories like comments to the pictures in the photo album.

Let me start with a very shocking moment for the child mind. Everyone knew that there was no sex in the Soviet Union. At all. And exactly after the collapse of USSR it has suddenly appeared! So in the every public transport you could see the beautiful pictures with beautiful ladies…topless of even naked. Wow! So much freedom! For everybody. Even if the one did not want it. I suppose that adults with children and old persons felt not very comfortable if not insulted. But time passed and devoured this funny and shameful fact.

Next my memory is concerned with the cars, with good modern Japan cars. It’s extremely vivid topic for me living in Vladivostok especially nowadays. I was driven in the cars since my first days of life! Should I tell you that I greatly got used to this facility? The cars were of very good quality straight from Japan. And there was no idea of another type of cars especially worse cars. When I was a child, my family used to visit our relatives in Moscow every 4 years starting from my 6 months. So right away I started to recognize what I saw I started to wonder and miss why the citizens of Moscow which as far as I knew was the capital, so it had to be a better city by definition, drove such an awful cars! Then I learnt that these cars were Russian cars. ..a moment of disappointment and great love to my home city Vladivostok. The next time I came to Moscow I saw a bit less Russian cars and more foreign cars. With my every further visit the situation was changing. So the number of foreign and Russian cars became some kind of criterion or indicator of increase of life standard in Moscow. By the way, according to this factor I always knew that Vladivostok was years ahead of Moscow.

The next my memory concerned with money! I used to be a millionaire when I was only 5-8 years old!  Not me alone…every citizen of our country which was trying to rise from the ruins of the Soviet past used to be a millionaire. But the value of these millionaires bank-notes was none. Millions-gotten, millions-spent. Another page of Russian life was turned over.

The another thing I remember quite well is Russian toys! A really good memory! For example constructor set. LEGO never be able to compare with Russian analogue. It really took all your brains to construct something. I don’t want to say that I hated all imported toys but Russian. Of course no, I was a lucky child because my father was the sea captain and I had a lot of things from Japan and Korea. But unfortunately today Russian toys are gone. It is not a surprise because our country does not produce even nails or medical gauze bandages. What a shame!

Somebody can tell you that the life in Russia has changed dramatically. But nobody gives you the correct answer (if it exists at all) whether the life has changed from bad to good or from good to bad? We started traveling. Our borders were opened. We felt the taste of globalization. Probably we’ve loved it. But the clue feeling of Soviet people – STABILITY – has vanished. The cruel world of capitalism burst into our lives not given a moment to take a breath after the BIG BOOM of used-to-be a superpower.

But there are those people who consider that nothing has changed. We still have Russia, no democracy, no market economy and no money.

I agree with both thoughts. Because as Jonathan Swift said there is nothing permanent except change. But we do have two things that hadn’t been changed and would never be! That are roads and fools...